STYLE GURU BIO: Peyton Wells

June 3rd, 2016 at 2:00am

Hey Fashionistas/os! I am insanely excited to begin my position as one of North Carolina State University’s CollegeFashionista Style Gurus this summer! I always claim my first taste of fashion began in my teething stage (is that totally weird to admit?). Chewing on baby toys was not for me. Instead, I fixated my attention on my Mimi’s favorite watch. The piece of jewelry had a certain gleam to it, a trait that enticed me and, apparently, eased my pain. To this day, fashion and accessorizing act as outlets in which I can relieve my stress and distract myself from my unyielding anxieties and otherwise mundane daily routine. I have never been a roll around in the mud and kick around a soccer ball kind of girl. Against his will, I dressed up my younger brother in fairy wings and makeup. I nearly threw a tantrum every time my hair and bows were out of place. I was the one walking into the grocery store with a princess tiara, high heels and a sparkling dress to match (my roommates might tell you this scenario was a recent occurrence. I neither confirm nor deny the validity of this accusation).

Currently, I am a fashion and textile management student, concentrating in brand management and marketing and minoring in business administration. I will be a senior when I get back to Raleigh, and I cannot express how ardently I crave to return to the city I now call home. This summer, like the past two summers, I will work as a sales associate in the accessories department of Nordstrom. My competitive nature in the commission-based environment keeps me busy, and there is nothing I love more than providing style advice to and building relationships with eager customers while strutting around my favorite store in a figure-flattering dress, killer statement jewelry and heels that make my feet swell by the end of the day (okay, so there is one downside). Adding this Style Guru internship to my summer will be a change of pace, one with which my love of writing, experience in branding and slight social media obsession will perfectly align.

A Nordy girl at heart but not always in the bank, I opt for brands like Topshop, Zara, Forever 21 and small boutiques. I hate to admit that I am still a Forever 21 customer, but I am a firm believer in purchasing low cost, trendy pieces in order to budget for high quality, lifetime splurges. My favorite lifestyle brand is kate spade. I feel a personal connection to her quirky yet adorable pieces, and I love pops of color. Today (as in the day I took this, not right now as I sit here in my pajamas), I am wearing a top and ripped jeans from Zara, leopard Vans, a Kendra Scott necklace, Nordstrom earrings and the Rebecca Minkoff Finn cross-body bag.