STYLE GURU BIO: Peyton Johnson

Style is a way to announce who you are without ever having to speak. It is a deeply personal expression of who you are, and every time you dress, you are asserting a part of yourself. It is the first impression you give to others, so it’s important you make it great.

A first impression is the first thing people see when they meet you, and it’s important to me that people understand my style is a medley of my personality traits. Depending on my mood and what I’m doing, my style ranges from glamorous to tailored to edgy to athletic to bohemian to everything in between. Each one of these diverse styles reflects a part of who I am, and without my closet containing pieces from each of these groups, one would not truly understand who I am.

In this look, I show my edgy side with the black color scheme throughout. The choker, a major fashion trend of the moment, complements the off-the-shoulder sweater. The Free People jean mini-skirt makes the look girly and glamorous, and the floppy hat adds a flash of bohemian vibes. The black striped tights under short jean bottoms was inspired from my time abroad in Spain last summer, where girls there use the look as a go-to. The pattern of the tights is simple and does not become overwhelming, yet adds detail to the look. Lastly, the heeled booties dress the sweater up and make it the perfect daytime or nighttime look. Altogether, this outfit gives a peak into who I am.

This spring, I am overjoyed to be a returning Style Guru. When I’m not drowning (happily) in Starbucks, hitting the books, or exploring local restaurants, I will be searching for unique trends around JMU’s campus. Stay tuned and stay unique!