Hello lovelies!

My name is Penda Sarr and I am currently a junior, pursuing an Honors Bachelor of Arts with a double major in political science and African studies at the University of Toronto. This is my second semester with CollegeFashionista and I am elated that I get to return as a Style Guru intern. Working with the website is great because it allows me to play around with both of my interests: fashion and photography.

I’ve always liked fashion and the idea of using clothes, shoes and accessories as a way to express myself. However, I started to become really attracted to the industry about a year ago. I think my use of social media websites like Instagram and Tumblr led me to become more interested in street style fashion and runway shows and. Who knew that clicking the “follow” button on Kendall Jenner’s Instagram profile would lead to all of this? What started as an interest grew to become a great passion of mine.

As for photography, I got my first camera when I was 18 years old. Of course, I was a novice. So, to practice and figure out how my camera’s settings worked, I generally took head shots and body shots of my family members and friends.I think there is something so beautiful in capturing someone in a single moment and then being able to preserve it forever (thank you iPhoto and digital printing).

This summer, I decided to create my style blog, which has allowed me to get in touch with my creative side and meet some wonderful people! It’s nice because my blog allows me to be behind the camera and experiment with different outfits I can show to my readers.

In terms of my personal style, I think I generally fall under the preppy and chic category. However, this doesn’t stop me from experimenting with other looks. Seriously. I could wear a full-on suit with heels one day, and then a jumpsuit with some comfy sneakers the next (it’s all about balance, right?). Speaking of sneakers, they are currently my new obsession.

Right now, there is a certain style, which combines chic pieces with sporty footwear, and I absolutely love it. As you can see in my pictures, to partake in this trend, I decided to wear a black sweater, paired with a printed pencil skirt and my favorite sneakers: the adidas Stan Smith’s. I find the sweater and skirt combination great because it allows me to be both stylish and comfortable.

When I’m not playing around with my camera, figuring out what to wear or writing wonderful essays on democracy, I like to visit museums, go to restaurants with my friends or work out.

Once again, I’m so happy to be a part of the CollegeFashionista community and I can’t wait to share my articles with you!