STYLE GURU BIO: Paulina Latacela

Hey guys! Welcome to the spring semester of my Style Guru internship. My name is Paulina, also known as Lina, and this is my third semester interning for CollegeFashionista! I would first like to thank my friend, Jennifer, who introduced me to CollegeFashionista and continuously encouraged me to apply for a Style Guru position. The experience I have gained thus far has boosted my confidence and creativity.

I was born and raised in Queens, New York. I’m an extremely passionate individual and this city is the reason behind it. I love fashion, style, health and adventure. I know you’re probably thinking fashion and style are the same thing! Over the years I’ve noticed they aren’t; style is personal and fashion is universal. In junior high, I became aware that style and fashion go hand in hand, but didn’t realize the impact it would have on my life. This is a way I express myself and create art everyday.

Today, I attend Hunter College where I am majoring in psychology and minoring in women studies. Interning for CollegeFashionista helped me tap into my creative skills; writing, photography and style. The joy and enthusiasm I have when I’m working on an article and campaign brought me to the realization that this is where I belong. I often daydream of how I can combine my interest for psychology and fashion; I recently discovered a career called fashion psychology (just my luck!). I am eager to continue this journey with CollegeFashionista’s team and community. I encourage you all to go after the education/career that tugs at your heart. You never know what you will gain!