STYLE GURU BIO: Patricia Lederer

Hey everyone, my name is Patricia but you can call me Trish! I’m a  sophomore at the University of New Hampshire and majoring in Journalism (Carrie Bradshaw, I aspire to be you). I am a Jersey Girl who grew up across the river from a small town that goes by the name of New York City. I am so happy to be celebrating the season of fall as a Style Guru for the upcoming semester. In my mind, fall is a holiday and I have been waiting for with much anticipation.

One of my fondest memories that sparked my interest in the fashion world took place during my sophomore year of high school. I was sitting at a desk in the back of my religion class wearing a polo and a plaid kilt, paired with lovely green knee-high socks (Oh, how I loved my uniform). As I stared into my laptop, I was completely and utterly entranced by a live broadcast of New York Fashion Week. To me, it was perfection and not soon after, it turned into an obsession.

Let me tell you a little bit about me: The inspiration for my style doesn’t solely come from catwalks, of course; my inspiration is the everyday people I see in coffee shops and around town. I recognize trends but always aspire for style. I was recently introduced to the world of vintage and thrifting by a RAD friend. I have an addiction to anything over-the-knee, its scary. T-shirt dresses are my second layer of skin and as you can see from the picture above nothing is better than combat boots. Last but not least, my favorite color in the rainbow is black.

But enough about me. As for my fellow UNH students, dress to impress because you never know what may catch my eye on campus. Maybe you could have your 15 seconds of fame right here on my little corner of the internet. Happy fall!