STYLE GURU BIO: Oluwatobi Haastrup

January 24th, 2017 at 2:00am
STYLE GURU BIO: Oluwatobi Haastrup

Hello Everyone! I am Oluwatobi Adebola Haastrup, AKA Tobi. I am a junior majoring in finance at the University of South Florida and I am from Nigeria. I have always been drawn to fashion since I was a child. I would notice outfits and try to sketch them whenever I got a chance. I remember sketching my outfit for my grandmother’s birthday when I was only 11 years old. My mom usually made me chose styles from magazines, but that time I was lucky. I was excited to see my own design come to life and that inspired me to pursue my found dream. My love for fashion has grown over the years and I enjoy being involved in it either by sketching, taking photos, modeling and more. My role models in fashion are Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel, Kimora Lee Simmons and Karl Lagerfeld. I recently love Lagerfeld for his photography skills in addition to his design skills. I hope to some day leave a legacy in form of a brand like Chanel.

I really enjoy shopping and sometimes, it helps me relax, I shop anywhere from stores like Forever 21 to Lord &Taylor. While shopping, I have come across a number of outfits that shock me with uniqueness and class. I choose comfortable clothing that looks good on me. For example, while shopping specifically for my mom when she was visiting a gold sweater struck me and things got better when I saw it was 20 percent off.  In this photo, I am wearing a gray turtle neck batwing sweater from Forever 21. I think it’s very stylish, classy and comfortable for 51 degree weather, the average winter temperature in Tampa. I am pairing it with a black high-waisted pants and my black ankle boots from H&M. I added my red tote to add a touch of color to the outfit. I love how my prescription glasses complement my outfit.

I am so excited to meet everyone and get to know my other Style Gurus from universities across the world. One of my favorite facts about fashion is how it promotes diversity in form of personal style, fashions shows, campaigns and many more. For example, I am always happy to express myself through my style and elated whenever I am being complemented I am sure many other fashionistas are happy when they are  also complemented.  Follow me on Instagram @zoifab, I plan to make it more fashionable and take more adventures in 2017!