STYLE GURU BIO: Olivia Taylor

Hi there! I’m Olivia Taylor, a sophomore studying marketing with a concentration in advertising and digital design. I’m here to be your liaison to all things fashionable at Pace University this summer.

I’ve always thought of my style as the crossroads of the things that I’ve been inspired by lately, and how I feel when I wake up that morning. With these two driving forces, my style is constantly changing. This particular look reveals my love for menswear and simplicity.

Being in New York City, inspiration is everywhere. Walking outside is the easiest way to observe what’s in, and I’ve seen just about everyone rocking a pair of frayed denim. I’m glad this trend has been here to stay, as it’s just too cool of a look to fade.

Lately, I’ve felt a renewed affection for the little details, like stacked rings, round frames and carefully tucked in tops. I decided to pull from everyone’s 2015 obsession and wear some midi rings. I chose to wear these particular gold rings to accent my coral mani. Sure, they may not be all the rage anymore, but I love them all the same. “It Girl” Alexa Chung is often seen in a pair of round frames so I decided to steal her look. My round, tortoiseshell sunglasses emanate the ultimate cool-girl feeling. My oversized menswear T-shirt is an absolute staple in my closet. I decided to give my large, collared shirt a more tailored look by simply tucking it in. However, if you prefer to rock a more relaxed ensemble, letting the shirt fall naturally also looks great.

As for my feet, I went for this season’s it-shoe and wore a classic mule. Just like my top, these are a staple in my closet. They’re just as comfortable as they are versatile.

As an old soul wrapped up in the trappings of this modern world, I love all things vintage. Finding ways to accessorize with timeless finds is one of my favorite things about piecing an outfit together. My Louis Vuitton is vintage, but a more modern take on it can be found here. My bag was was given to me from one of favorite people: my aunt, a woman who loves life and is comprised of equal parts fun and sophistication. I have to give her credit, because she inspires me to wear whatever I want without a care in the world.

Being an advertising student, I value presentation: how different colors, shapes and words can affect others’ feelings. As an art student, I value how to go about taking these elements of presentation and transforming them into something new and exciting. Naturally, these academic interests transcend to my eye for fashion. With this, I am eager to share with you what I find fashionable at Pace University this semester.