STYLE GURU BIO: Olivia Lagaly

January 5th, 2015 at 2:00am

How a girl goes about her day fully and completely depends on her fashion choices. On days where I choose to wear sweatpants and an oversized sorority-girl shirt, I tend to lay around and do nothing with my life. But, on days where I choose to wear striped tunics, cutesy head pieces and fancy jewelry, I feel like I can accomplish something. Today, I feel like I can accomplish something.

Clothes can change a person the way a good burger can make your day. Clothes are an artistic expression. People say “I don’t care about what I wear” and so they throw on anything, but they are still making a statement…an attempt to say “I don’t care” is still an attempt to say something. When I wear clothes, I like to make a statement as well.

I am not too high-fashion, and I don’t go over-the-top with my style. I am a sophomore in college, so therefore I try to find a balance in my clothes that is a mix of cute and comfortable. Yes, I know we have all heard about this cute-comfy combo before, so I’m no trendsetter when it comes to these things. But I will say that I have a few tips and tricks that can turn your average outfit into something a little more unexpected.

The outfit that I’m wearing here is simply a tunic, boots and leggings. I will admit that I wear leggings regularly, and I am not ashamed. Leggings to me are the base of any outfit. They are like a good back-up singer, they’ll help out Beyoncé Knowles on the big number but won’t show off too much to the point where they’ll outshine her. They’re there, without being there too much.

I changed an outfit that could have been a simple striped tee into a tunic with an unusual shape. The shape of the shirt completely changes the look. I love tunics not only because I can belt, layer and tweak them, but also because there’s a lot of breathing room. Sorry, had to be said.

Overall, I am an average girl who classically dreams of NYC, chocolate, peonies and my new head-warmer-head-knit-piece (totally made that name up but isn’t it cute?) Follow me on my CollegeFashionista style journey to see what I have in store for you! If you would like to be featured, follow me on social media and get in touch.