STYLE GURU BIO: Olivia Adkins

STYLE GURU BIO: Olivia Adkins

Hello! My name’s Olivia and I’m so excited to be returning for my second semester as a Style Guru! I attend Ohio State University and I’m majoring in public policy, management and leadership with a minor in communication. I’ll be a sophomore this year, so can’t wait to get started and finally know my way around campus. I’m passionate about non-profit and social enterprise work. In fact, I am currently a fellow with a local non-profit implementing sustainable water solutions around the world.

I love writing, reading, making lists, The Office, agendas, assorted baked goods and cool plants. I also write a personal blog highlighting cool ideas, topics and other various tidbits that I find interesting. I usually describe my style as “city chic” with a bit of a boho vibes thrown in every once in a while. I’m a strong believer that change is a good thing, so I try to step out of my comfort zone often with dramatic lipstick or funky accessories. I like trying out new trends and adding in some unique pieces from thrift stores or secondhand shops.

This summer, I spent my time binge watching Sex and the City, so I’m super into this Carrie-inspired necklace as well as every aspect of Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic style. New York City is my dream home but for now, Columbus will have to do. Ripped black jeans are my go-to for the colder months and I’m so happy to bring these back out for this fall. One of my favorite trends this season are mules. They’re totally ’90s and definitely remind me of something my mom would have worn when I was little. Plus, they’re also really easy to thrift!

My typical uniform is usually some variation of neutrals and red lipstick. A few of my favorite stores are Zara, Urban Outfitters and Forever 21. Personally, clothes are fun because we might as well love what we wear, right? I really believe in the innate power of simply feeling good about ourselves. I think clothing can play a large part in self-expression and a beautiful pair of shoes can usually make a bad day, a little better. So, join me for a #RAD semester and go Bucks!