STYLE GURU BIO: Nneoma Ajiwe

If you haven’t read my first bio, hello and welcome! A new semester means another reason to feature myself! As the new school year starts, I’m excited to start my last year of undergrad. Senior year means less classes, more fun and smooth sailing till spring graduation. As a Public Relations student, I’m searching for those internships and struggling to get my life together before I have to enter the real world.

With that being said, I’m working on my very own website and purchased a domain so that I can showcase both my fashion, photography and my graphic designs. Hopefully with this, more job opportunities will open up because it will serve as a central location for all my projects.

While the summer semester with CollegeFashionista was fantastic, I cannot wait to capture all the fall fashions of The University of Texas at Austin students this year. Fall would have to be my favorite time of the year for two reasons: layers and more layers! It’s not cold enough for heavy coats just yet, but as Texas makes its transition to fall, you’ll begin to notice the change of everyones style.

My outfit today was an attempt to capture that feels of fall, but still stay cool because it’s still really hot in Austin. Channeling my inner black feminist, I have on a “My Black is Beautiful” shirt from the P&G campaign, which started to spark a broader dialogue about black beauty in the black community.

For my bottoms, I went for a self frayed and tattered pair of distressed Levi Brand Jeans I took from my mom’s “blast from the past” section of her closet. Though a bit oversized, they’re a nice comfy fit for those days you rather not suffocate in your skinny jeans. To pull it all together, of course is the plaid button-down that I wrapped around my waist because nothing says grunge like a red plaid shirt.

My shoes are white Birkenstock look-a-likes from Target. So many people have confused them for the real thing! Never spend more than you have to in order to achieve a specific style.