STYLE GURU BIO: Nicholas Sullivan

STYLE GURU BIO: Nicholas Sullivan

In the blink of an eye, the summer is now winding down. It is a bittersweet feeling as classes are starting back up, gone are the days of laying in bed watching every season of Scandal. Luckily for me, this semester marks my first at Central Michigan University. After a great year at a community college, I am thrilled to move to a new area full of new people and new inspiration. I am now studying fashion merchandising and I can not wait to showcase the styles of the very diverse population in Mount Pleasant, Michigan.

Over the course of the two semesters I have been with CollegeFashionista, I have learned several tips that have impacted my personal style and the way I look at fashion. Of them all, staying true to my style has been the most helpful thus far. With the knowledge I have learned from this internship, I am eager to put it to new use in a new city and new school.

Since I am starting classes soon, I decided that this post should showcase the side of my style that favors comfort over looks. When sitting in class all day, I would much rather be comfortable rather than suffering for fashion. However, being comfortable does not have to mean you have to sacrifice your style.

For this look, I decided to go with a more honest approach. I put together an outfit that represents my day to day style, especially while away at school. I started off with a band T-shirt of Tweens, a garage-rock band I enjoy that is from Ohio. Since an outfit by me is not complete without a shade of red thrown in, I wore my favorite pair of shorts. For the shoes, I decided to go with my pair of trusty black and white vans. On top I decided to layer a denim jacket outfitted with a Tame Impala button. To complete the look, I kept the accessories simple and stuck with a silver watch.

This fall semester is full of exciting new opportunities, and I am excited to see where my time at Central Michigan University takes me.