STYLE GURU BIO: Natasha Gabbayan

Hello people! I’m so thrilled to be entering my second semester as a Style Guru! This past few months with College Fashionista has not only broadened my horizons within the writing world but has also opened my eyes to plenty of fresh fashion trends. I’ve gotten the opportunity to explore my love for photography while simultaneously keeping an eye out for a potential fab Fashionista/o to photograph next. Being a Style Guru has pushed me to step out of my fashion comfort zone while honing my own personal style as well.

This summer I have picked up a more edgy look with a few dainty touches along the way. This look portrays my favorite summer trend: the denim skirt. For years I have been longing to bring out my mini jean skirt that I loved oh-so-much in middle school, and finally the time has come where my denim skirt dream is not only acceptable but encouraged! I adore this trend simply for how many ways you can wear it. For this specific look I brought out my inner ‘90s chick pairing the skirt with a vintage Justin Timberlake t-shirt (don’t even lie about how much your NSYNC fan-girl is feeling quite nostalgic right now). I added a feminine yet still edgy touch with a metal choker (just another ‘90s craze escaping from the vault) and finished off the look with some dainty arm candy and my favorite classic pair of white Converse.

When I’m not writing for College Fashionista, you can find me crafting with anything I can get my hands on, baking delicious cupcakes, or cuddling in my bed watching The OC. I can’t wait to find out what another semester as a Style Guru has in store for me, hopefully you will all stick around for the ride!