STYLE GURU BIO: Natalie Miller

For all of you new to the RAD ‘n’ wonderful world of CollegeFashionista—serving as your style guide for summer ’16—my name is Natalie Miller and I’m entering my third round here as a Style Guru. When on the school schedule an I’m advertising design major and going for a fashion accessories minor at College for Creative Studies in Detroit.

Though off school for the summer, I’m still busy with—in the immortal words of Rihanna—”werk, werk, werk, werk, werk”: Besides a Style Guru, I’m a part of the  CollegeFashionista Summer Editorial Society and a writer and editor for The Odyssey. Outside of the writing world, I’m a photographer, street style blogger, stylist and avid advocate of the Detroit fashion scene. In addition, this summer I’ll be working as a stylist at francesca’s and a graphic designer for the Film Society of Rochester. (Rochester, Michigan, not New York or Minnesota).

I consider my personal fashion sense as something featuring trends, rather then following them—taking a classic and/or cool look and seeing how I can either modernize it or make it my own. Fittingly, my outfit aesthetic of late I feel is inspired by Andrew Bird’s music—especially his newest release, “Are You Serious.”

Andrew Bird mixes his violin playing with a modern-alternative sound that’s entirely his own; his layered lyricism and melancholy melodies have weaved themselves beyond my earbuds and into my wardrobe—certainly in the look pictured. Like with my eyeshadow (MineralFusion’s Stunning trio palette), I love to layer—if not in pieces, in meaning.

For example, lace-up flats, a.k.a., my latest shoe obsession, I had started to note popping up around April, but wasn’t fully convinced to make a pair my own until I saw an ad from the ’30s featuring a girl wearing a pair of lace-ups—a ’30s throwback? Back in? I definitely had to get a pair! Without a doubt, the ’90s are also “all-that” in style right now. I’m taking full advantage of this fact with the rest of my outfit, which consists of my new favorite key piece, a black halter crop top  (a should-be-staple for any Fashionista right now), paired with a pair of patterned, woven loose-fit shorts (though mine are vintage, the link for Urban Outfitters matches up quite nicely) and my go-to knee-highs.

Besides being in the midst of a hair grow-out, I always like to turn my outfits up one notch—hence literally topping off my look with a straw boater, and mix of vintage and new jewelry to keep in the key of eclecticism, just for good measure (okay, yeah, music wordplay kind of intended).

I am excited to see what this summer has in store for up-and-coming styles and on the Spotify stream. Stay #RAD, and keep reading!