Hey Fashionistas! My name is Natalie but I’ll most likely respond to Nat Pack quicker. I’m currently a sophomore attending James Madison University and pursuing a double major in Graphic Design and Converged Media. I aspire to start a career in layout design for fashion magazines, both online and in print. I was born and raised in Northern Virginia, just miles away from D.C. and this is where I’ve lived my entire life, with the exception of the three years I lived overseas in England.

I’d be lying if I said fashion has always been important to me. A large part of my adolescence was spent resenting putting effort into my clothes and being dragged to the store. During this period, one could find me sporting the latest “groutfit,” cargo pants two sizes too big for me or my absolute favorite, my sparkly, pink boot cut corduroys. Luckily, my school required a uniform which preserved a few childhood pictures I can look at without cringing.

Obviously my opinion has changed since then. Now, I see clothes as one of the most important elements of branding yourself and creating your public image. Despite my apathetic past thoughts towards style, I still find myself drawn to contrast and greyscale colors. Some of my favorite designers include Alexander McQueen, Givenchy, Versace, and I’m currently obsessing over Valentino’s fall/winter 2015 couture show. I drew some inspiration for today’s look from it by pairing a bold, metal necklace with a basic black top.  As much as I love the simplicity of minimalistic, tailored outfit my true love in clothes is the boho-meets ’70s-inspired looks that are becoming ever so popular. Which is why I decided to pair my top with some flared, patterned pants.

I believe that everything in life is art. Using this philosophy, I try and find inspiration in the most unlikely of places: such as the way a song makes me feel or the way the sun filters through the clouds as it sets. I also spend a disgusting amount of time browsing social media and scoping Instagram and Tumblr for new ideas to try to bring into my everyday looks. I’m beyond excited to be putting the hours I spend watching runway shows to good use as I begin my journey as a Style Guru and working with CollegeFashionista.