STYLE GURU BIO: Morgan Zaslavsky

Grunge: the fashion associated with grunge rock, loose T-shirts, layered clothing and ripped jeans. I may have forgotten my ripped jeans at home, but grunge fashion is what I, Morgan Zaslavsky, like to call my style.

Growing up in rural Kansas City, I was always looked at differently when I whipped out my Dr. Martens and plaid shirts, but now I always tell myself, who cares? Being raised in a Russian-Jewish family, I was taught to be anything but normal. Now, being nineteen years old, studying for my second year at SCAD, I’ve learned there is no such thing as normal.

Throughout middle and high school, I told myself I’m getting out of this city, I cannot be landlocked any longer! When my senior year approached, I took the opportunity to get out while I could and applied to SCAD. Once receiving my acceptance letter, I knew I would be spending the next four years of my life as a Georgia Peach. I’ve never seen myself being a person who would enjoy living in the South, yet now I catch myself saying y’all more frequently than I’d hoped for. But here I am today, studying at the school of my dreams with an intended major in Fashion Marketing and Management, as well as a minor in Graphic Design.

Going to art school and living in Savannah has only enhanced my love for fashion and all things related. Just walking down our main strip I find inspiration, not only while window shopping, but mainly in the people. Street style is my muse. What you put on your body every morning reflects your mood, your personality and even your lifestyle. Even though you may not realize it, what you wear displays who you are.

What does my outfit say about me? It tells the story of a girl who woke up one morning, wasn’t having a good hair day, but wasn’t having a bad one, so she threw on an H&M black rimmed hat. She just bought this trendy new PacSun checkered skirt and needed something more to pair with it than a plain black top. She decided to run up to her mom’s closet and picked out an adorable AllSaints jean shirt. Her outfit was topped off with a pair of tall black socks and some comfortable booties that she put on as she stumbled out the door.

See, all outfits tell a story. What’s yours?