Hi there, fellow college style-enthusiasts! My name is Morgan Neff and I am currently a junior at the Fashion School, Kent State University! I am a junior Fashion Merchandising major with a minor in Marketing. This is my first semester as a Style Guru and I cannot be more excited to showcase the fashion around my campus! I believe CollegeFashionista will lead me in the right direction to achieving my dream and I am so thankful of having this opportunity with them!

Ever since I can remember, my mom has been my fashion inspiration. She has showed me the ins and outs in fashion. I have always wanted to do something that involved clothes and I found my place at Kent State where I walk to the fashion building every morning to learn more about what I love.

My style can go all over the place, but not in a bad way, of course! There are too many styles I like to get my hands on. I am a big fan of black, but when i’m not wearing black I could be in floral prints, fur coats/ jackets, velvet and bright colors! My favorite style to wear right now is boyfriend jeans and a larger comfy shirt with booties or sandals. To me, style is who you are. I wear what I feel confident in and what I feel completely myself in and I believe that is key.

A few fun facts about me: you will never see me out without lipstick! I have a slight obsession. I may have a problem with taking pictures of my food. You can never go wrong with a good food picture. I will be exploring Florence, Italy come January and that is where my mind is at currently. I love many types of art and I love listening to Soundcloud to find unique music to listen to.

But back to business; I have always grew up loving fashion. You can catch me reading Vogue magazines or looking at the W. I am going to write to give the world a taste of Kent States style so keep on checking my page every week for new articles! Follow me on Instagram, @morganeff to keep in contact! I love meeting new people who love the same things as I do—fashion, fashion, and more fashion!