STYLE GURU BIO: Morgan Brownell

September 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello again Fashionistas! I am excited to be back as a CollegeFashionista Style Guru for another semester and cannot wait to see what the change in the weather will bring to my college life. I am entering my junior year as an art foundations student with a minor in interactive media at the University of Delaware, which has been my home for the past year and a half. I am surprised at how quickly my time at the University of Delaware has already passed, and if I could, I would make it so the next two years slowed down enough for me to catch my breath.

This past year, I explored the uneven easels of the paint studio, the charcoal-covered floors of the drawing studio and navigated the fluorescent corners of the darkroom. I spent countless nights unintentionally covering myself in oil paint, where I would laugh with my classmates into the early hours of the morning as we battled the urge to abandon our projects for a full night’s sleep. Though I have enjoyed the journey of the fine arts world, and plan to hold it close to my heart, I am ready to move into more digital art practices. I plan to continue taking photographs for the University of Delaware’s newspaper and fashion magazine, and hope that these opportunities will continue to allow me to experience the unique and unknown world of spontaneous photography.

If I have learned anything new about fashion this past year, it has been to make something your own original creation. Being on campus sometimes restricts where you can go and how much you can spend, so experiment with that creativity and make something up. Take an old pair of combat boots or Converse and turn them into your own fashion statement. The paint marks on my shoes and jeans allowed me to turn a boring piece of clothing into something I can call my own type of art. I smile every time I wear my paint jeans, and so should you. Create something that reminds you of something important in your life. Or just create something that makes you smile. Either way, you are showing the world how much of a Fashionista you really are.