STYLE GURU BIO: Monica Villegas

Hi there, Fashionistas! My name is Monica Villegas and I am currently a senior at Illinois Wesleyan University. This is my second time interning for CollegeFashionista; I started this past summer and loved it so much I had to continue with this wonderful experience! I’m really excited to continue writing about fashion at Illinois Wesleyan University, especially as the weather changes and (unfortunately) it gets colder, so the layers become essential.

Ever since I was a child and played dress up with my Barbies, I developed a high appreciation for fashion; as time goes by and I get more involved in the fashion industry, my love for styling grows fonder. I’ve learned that fashion is a form of art, a way of expressing ourselves and showing the world who we are without having to tell much. That is probably one of my favorite aspects of fashion. If any of you know me or read my previous bio, you’d know that some of my favorite fashion icons include classy ladies like Blair Waldorf and Kate Middleton who show the world who they are through their style.

If I had to describe my style, I’d say I like to keep it classy and feminine while looking age-appropriate. Accessories are always a must; whether it’s a necklace, a bracelet, ring or all of the above, I’m always wearing something to accentuate my outfit. Denim is definitely a must in my wardrobe, although I do love dresses, even when the temperature drops (tights are your friends!). My style definitely changes with the seasons; it goes from bright, colorful pieces to darker tones when the weather gets colder. I’m a big fan of wearing black; it’s simple, sophisticated and goes well with anything, so it definitely makes an appearance in my closet. Finally, handbags and shoes are my favorite closet items and I can never seem to get enough of them.

The outfit that I’m wearing is ideal for the days that feel like an in-between of summer and fall. The parka that I’m wearing is ideal for days that are not too hot and not too cold because of its texture and material. My gladiator sandals are bright, colorful and comfortable for a nice day of walking around and going to class, and the handbag is colorful and spacious enough to hold all I need. As I said previously, accessories are a must so bracelets and a necklace are a necessary addition to my outfit.

I hope you all enjoy the articles I’ll get to write during this RAD semester as much as I’ll enjoy writing them!