June 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

Hi fellow Fashionistas! My name is Molly O’Hara and I am a rising junior at Providence College. I am a marketing major hoping for a future career in the fashion world.  I am so excited to spend my summer off as a Style Guru hoping to capture the styles of college kids from my area!

Since starting college my interest in fashion has sparked. Going to private school my whole life I was always forced to wear a uniform. Due to this, there was never much room to flaunt my style. Still despite my uniform I was always the girl who wore a big bow, a bright headband or tons of bracelets. Now at college although it took some adjusting (and is still a struggle), I pick out what outfit I want to wear everyday, an outfit that represents me. Growing up I was always desiring the latest trend, wanting to dress how all the other girls my age dressed. Although I do still keep up with new trends I love to have variety in my wardrobe in order to stand out. I love the idea that you can express who you are through your outfit. I love that you can be a different person today than the one you were yesterday.

My look today is a black jumper that is perfect for the summer. I paired it with Tory Burch sandals and a blue necklace for a pop of color. Cute sunglasses can dress up any outfit.

I am so excited to start my CollegeFashionista journey and can’t wait to see what style this summer will bring!