STYLE GURU BIO: Molly Bryant

People are always saying time moves faster as you get older, but I think it’s pretty impossible to understand that saying until you are experiencing it yourself, like most other lessons you learn.

This fall, I am beginning my junior year at Virginia Tech and yet it seems so recent that I was just struggling to leave home as a freshman. I have found that the last two years of my life have moved faster than any other, but I also think I have learned and experienced more of life in these past two years than any others.

Junior year marks the halfway point. It’s two years after starting what will eventually be known as the best four years of your life, even if it seems scary as a clueless little freshman. It’s also two years away from beginning your life as a real person after school. For a really long time, I had no idea what life after school would hold for me. However, as my junior year begins, I am excited about where I am going.

After deciding to pursue my two passions in writing and fashion by combing a major in fashion merchandising and design with a second major in multimedia journalism, I was lucky enough to come across CollegeFashionista. Writing for this company has made me realize how excited I am about my two majors and has me eager to see what the future holds, getting to do what I love most everyday.

For this outfit, I put on a fun, distressed pair of Zara white jeans, with a flowy purple top for a pop of color. I paired it with my new favorite booties that I cannot wait to wear all fall, as well as one of my personal DIY suede leather wrap necklaces! To finish off the accessories, I wore my everyday earrings and rings to bring the look full circle. In this look, I am ready for just about anything junior year might hold for me and I look forward to seeing what the rest of Virginia Tech’s Fashionistas have in store for this semester!