STYLE GURU BIO: Mishala Bryant

Hey there, fashionistas/os! I’m Mishala Bryant, a senior (finally!) at the University of Memphis. I am chasing after my dreams by pursuing a career in broadcast journalism and a minor in social media marketing.

Becoming part of the CollegeFashionista team is such an amazing opportunity! Being a journalist, having sharpened photography skills is a plus and fashion blogging is one of my favorite hobbies!

You could consider me your typical girly girl, well an extreme girly girl possibly. Almost every other weekend is spent in a nail salon or at home working on my hair. I’ve recently picked up a new hobby: handmade bracelets. Why pay retail price for something you can do yourself?

But this is CollegeFashionista, so here is my fashion life and style in a nutshell. Growing up, style has always been of importance to me. As a toddler, I had to have the pacifier that matched my outfits, which caused my parents to go on deep quests for pacifiers in every color of the rainbow.

As a toddler just learning my colors, I thought perfectly matching colors were in. Now as a young adult, my style has changed. I have more of a color family mindset, and love offsetting my outfits. More importantly, during this season transition time of the year, versatile outfits are my go-to. Having outfits in your closet that can go from summer, to fall, to winter and back to spring is an awesome fashionista/o decision!

Some of my favorite pieces to rock during a transitional season time are denim tops, statement necklaces, slim-fit chino pants and summer wouldn’t be complete without a neutral clog heel!

Pinterest, along with my closet (that is full of different pieces), allow me to pull off the best outfit! Doing so allows me to stay fashion savvy and remain on a tight college budget! Memphis is full of boho-chic ladies, retro and groovy dudes and individuality. I am excited to continue to share the style of the “Bluff City!”