STYLE GURU BIO: Miranda Murillo

June 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

Hi there Fashionistas/os! My name is Miranda Murillo and I am a rising sophomore at New York University. Although I have yet to officially declare a major, I am somewhere on the economics/politics/public policy track. My hometown is Miami, Florida, so I really had to learn to dress for different weather when I moved to New York City. I definitely think that the fashion, culture and overall look of these two cities have majorly influenced my style.

I am absolutely thrilled to be serving as a Style Guru for NYU. Not just a statement of school pride, but I truly believe NYU has one of the most stylish campuses ever! Our school is bursting with students from all over the world, who bring their unique style and perspective into the mix. With New York City as our campus and our catwalk, there’s absolutely no shortage of inspiration, and there is incredible style wherever you look. Not to be outdone, Miami is the go-to spot for the best summer looks. The people in Miami are beautiful, and they know how to work it!

I would describe my personal style as both modern and classic. I always consider my plans and my schedule for the day, and then build a look that works perfectly, so I would call most of my looks convenient too! I love neutrals and stripes, and I always appreciate the chicness of an all-black look. This summer, I’ll be sporting plenty of flowy dresses and skirts, and a killer sandal is always a great move. I also love athletic wear for an all-day look that can you can rock at the gym, the library, the market and more.

This look features one of my favorite color schemes ever: blush pink. This color palette can work in virtually any season, and I’m known to wear it year-round. For this summer look, I paired a blush pink crop top and skirt, which are not part of a matching set, with a boho, white kimono and a pair of white flat-forms. I feel like the fringe and lace of the kimono really elevate the look. Truthfully, any lace kimono can make an outfit breezy and beautiful. I  also really like the flat-forms because they are less dressy than heels but a bit edgier than typical flat sandals. Layered necklaces and stacked rings subtly add another dimension. This look showcases my style because I love to mix and match separate pieces into trendy compositions. I think this outfit is perfect for brunch with the girls, one of my most favorite activities ever!

Summer Style Guru at your service!