Style Guru Bio: Milan Wheaton

June 1st, 2016 at 2:10am

I could be described as  a “typical” teenage girl in the 21st century. A 21st-century girl is one who can stand up for what she believes in, goes above and beyond the norm, challenges herself, sets goals, gets into her dream school, creates peace in the world and always stays true to herself. While being a 21st-century girl I have to dress the part whether it be boho-chic, modern grunge or minimalistic which all describe my personality. What girl doesn’t want multiple styles to choose from? While I am not searching the web for Instagram-worthy bargains or clocking in at work, I love to watch The Hobbit, read, be a foodie, sleep the day away, be the ultimate cat lady, travel, daydream and be an even bigger foodie in my spare time.

I am passionate about fashion, school, career and my family and I know in order to be the best at everything I do I have to work hard towards everything I do. I recently  finished my freshman year at Johnson and Wales University. Now I am one step closer to earning my bachelor’s degree in science. I learned a lot my freshman year studying fashion marketing, mainly regarding my future career plans. I hope to one day be an evolved Anna Wintour living the Devil Wears Prada lifestyle, running around New York City in the latest RiRi x Puma Sneakers, or booking trips around the world flying coach because nobody has money for business class!  I just want to be in a field where I can spread self-love and make a difference, and the fashion industry is the perfect place to make my mark!

Doing this internship with CollegeFashionista is a perfect place to start making my mark and I hope for you all to enjoy my quirky articles full of dry humor!