STYLE GURU BIO: Michelle Zelli

Greetings Fashionista/os! I’m Michelle a freshman at the good ‘ole University of Southern Illinois. I’m currently studying Mass Communications with a specialization in Journalism. Which means writing is my passion second only to fashion, of course. So by now you can probably feel my excitement dripping off the page (or screen) about being a Style Guru for this amazing site!

SIU has been my home away from home since moving away from Indiana. I’m a firm believer that as you grow up your friends really influence your style choices! I’m a melting pot of so many different styles because I find things my friends wear that I must have. Hence, why they call me the clothing chameleon.

The hardest question I’ve ever been asked is how I would describe my personal style. I’m sure many of you can identify! After much deliberation I’ve decided that although my day to day style might be all over the place I usually fit into some kind of ‘90s grunge mixed with shabby chic. As if my leather skirt and statement T-shirt didn’t explain already! A lot of my pieces, such as my bracelet, are thrift store finds; you can find a look-alike here (don’t forget to layer those bad boys)! If you’re looking for Fashionista/os with a little throwback to their style choices then you’ve come to the right place! I live for conversation pieces that have a story behind them. Much like this “I heart ‘Po” T-shirt I caught at a concert! A great story plus it was free; can it get any better?

Writing and fashion have been my favorite things for as long as I can remember. Middle school was just one weird style phase after another for me. I have created a unique style that’s all my own, and I cannot wait to share it with all you fashion obsessed people out there. I’ll be writing articles every Friday about the fashionable students here at Southern Illinois so watch out and check in!