STYLE GURU BIO: Mia-Kate Messer

Miuccia Prada had a standard of existing that was based on attaining a creation of life and beauty within her pieces, rather than designing a mere product. This, to me, is the epitome of fashion and the reason I find myself enthralled with couture. I have grown from simply buying a shirt at the mall for the sole purpose of buying a shirt, to discovering a piece that has a sense of identity and magnetism– something of beauty that I feel as if I can’t live without. My clothes lend to my personality; they are necessary garments that bring me life by coming to life themselves upon my body.

As a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista, I want to share with you my little items of art. I wish to focus on the details: show you the reason why I am interested, why I believe a certain attire to be a work of art. Furthermore, I hope to lend you my perspective for you to find your own art and in addition, to release fashion, clothing and shopping from their negative and superficial stigmas.

In this outfit, I wear a mini sheath dress by Narciso Rodriguez, a pair of Derek Lam wool and leather booties and my favorite chunky cat eye sunglasses. The dress is new—chosen out of irony and intrigue. I hate leopard print anything and at first glance this fabric may appear as so, but the more I focus on it, the more my eye shifts away from leopard and more towards an original and abstract print of grey and black. Sure enough, on the product description, there is no note of leopard print. My wallet is also an important, go-to statement piece of my closet– it is my beautiful, electric blue leather masterpiece designed by Prada herself. Could I have saved some of my resources on a different wallet? Yes, probably. But again, that notion does not amount to the ideals of fashion, and in place of this “different” wallet,  I own a practical and quality accessory.

The beauty of art is in the details: small ornaments that bring a piece or collection of pieces to life. Similar to Prada, I try to base my sense of fashion on this ideal, which is why I chose this minimalist yet one-of-a-kind outfit as my introduction to the world of fashion.