STYLE GURU BIO: Meredith Jackson

September 3rd, 2015 at 2:00am

Hello to all my fellow Fashionistas/os! Let me introduce myself. My name is Meredith Jackson. I am currently a sophomore at Syracuse University, as well as a Retail Management major within the Martin J. Whitman School of Management. It is my ultimate dream to become a buyer for a high end department store, or buy for a private design label. You could say I’ve always had a passion for fashion.

Ever since I was a little girl, I almost always wanted to play dress up. I would even beg my mom to let me wear my costume princess party shoes to school.  Not much has changed. My parents and friends like to joke that I’m always going to a fashion show because I may or may not take a little while to get ready.  What can I say? I’m a bit of a shopaholic. I love following trends and trying to keep up with the latest styles and designers. I also have always loved taking pictures and documenting every little bit of my life. Life flies by, and I don’t want to forget a single minute! Therefore, Instagram is my own person Eden.

If I had to describe my style it would probably be closest to “boho-grunge” with a hint of “glam diva” here and there. I really enjoy the flow-y aspect and more vintage appeal of boho clothing. I’m a hippie at heart after all, but I also have a lot of grunge in my style to toughen up the sweeter things. I’m a total diehard for black booties and layered jewelry (as you can see in my outfit). Although, every Fashionista has to be a diva sometimes! I like to liven up any outfit with a nice pair of gold hoop earrings, and as many rings as I can physically wear on my fingers.

I’m always looking for new ways to get closer to immersing myself in the world of fashion and College Fashionista was calling my name! They combined all of my interests and passions into one internship! I look forward to all the fashionable moments to come.

Talk to you  all soon!