STYLE GURU BIO: Melissa Molina

Hello and Ciao Fashionistas/os!

I study at Sarah Lawrence College where I concentrate in Screenwriting and the Visual Arts. I enjoy eating foods, running cross-country, photography and film. I am currently studying abroad with St. John’s University in Rome, Italy.

In the second grade, I wore a hot pink knee-length skirt paired with a lime-green top. If that does not say I have a mind of my own, I am not sure what does. I have always loved experimenting with the latest fashion trends and correlating it with my own personal likes in style trends.

My closet consists mostly of basics and dark colors. I love putting clothes and accessories together from basics to create an outfit that flatters and yells personality and confidence.

My latest challenge has been mixing casual clothing in a way that looks dressed up. I love being able to easily pick out an outfit and run out to class but still look like I made an effort.

Here I paired a simple V-neck with a fancy looking floral skirt. To bring the outfit together I wore a silver choker and what I call Sandle-heels. To dress it up simply tuck in the V-neck, and to make it more casual let the shirt loose.

The flare in the skirt is extremely flattering and I could simply not resist the color peach. I love anything with even a bit of a heel since I am only 5’2 and like pretending I am even the bittiest taller.

Follow me as I find myself inspired by fashion in Rome this semester! I will use my surroundings to inspire a sense of fashion that gives way to confidence. Plus you shall meet the stylish ladies I will study with.