STYLE GURU BIO: Melany Smeriglio

September 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello fellow Style Gurus! My name is Melany and I am a sophomore at the University of Bridgeport. I am a fashion merchandising major and I hope to one day become an international buyer or stylist. I have also taken an interest in costume design and dressing models backstage at fashion shows. I am a returning Style Guru and I am so excited to kick off another rad semester!

I am now the captain of my school’s ballroom club, I am a member of University Singers, a choir on campus and I am also a member of the UB Fashion Merchandising Club.

My sophomore year of high school, I actually went to Barbizon Modeling School. Not only did I learn about skin care, beauty and how to get jobs as a model, but I also learned what it was like to put together a fashion show! The girls in my class and I had to put one together and the theme was summer. That was one of the highlights of attending modeling school. Fun fact: I also learned how to walk a runway! Going to Barbizon definitely influenced my decision to later major in fashion.

Shopping is my favorite hobby. I could never have enough clothes, shoes or handbags! I love anything leopard print, purple, floral or plaid. Vera Bradley and Michael Kors are two of my favorite designers. If I could describe my style in three words it would be simple, comfortable and cute! I hope you guys think of the same words when you read my other articles. Please feel free to follow me on my social media platforms and give me a RAD on my articles to let me know that you enjoyed reading them!