STYLE GURU BIO: Meghan Deretchin

I keep a picture of Jane Birkin in my desk drawer in case I’m ever in dire need of style inspiration. Who better to take style advice from than the  woman who is the namesake of the famous Hermes Birkin bag?  In the photo, she wears a white T-shirt and jeans, with her signature basket bag, exuding that alluring simplicity she mastered so well.  Similar to what I wear to my 9 a.m. painting class: a T-shirt, jeans, and my signature leather satchel, except my clothes are accidentally splattered with oil paints. Birkin usually keeps her clothing choices simple and allows her accessories to show off her personality.

Of course I have many pieces of clothing that are loud and bold, however, like Birkin, I usually prefer to put an emphasis on my accessories. I love jewelry, I always have at least one piece of jewelry on whenever I leave my apartment. I never go anywhere without my Ray Bans or cat-eye sunglasses; my friends hardly recognize me without them.

You can catch me strolling around Manhattan, sunglasses on rain or shine and hair loose and undone as though it’s on an endless summer holiday. Most likely I’ll be gallery hopping in Chelsea, visiting the MoMA in Midtown, shopping in Soho, eating pizza on Bleeker Street, or hauling all my art supplies to class.

I’m on the constant look out for inspiration, which is why New York City is the perfect place for me to attend college. I’m currently a freshman at the Fashion Institute of Technology, and I’m very excited to see what my experience at FIT brings in the future.  I’m also excited for my experience as a Style Guru not only for the opportunities that may emerge from it, but also to interact with my fellow Fashionistas.