STYLE GURU BIO: Meghan Collins

Hello Fashionistas! I am so excited to become part of this amazing community of Style Gurus both past and present!

This fall I will be starting my junior year at Wake Forest University in North Carolina, where I am a double major in Art History and Communication, with a minor in Studio Art as well as a contributor to the WFU Style Blog. As excited as I am to share style posts from my usual campus in the Spring, This fall I will be posting from Barcelona, Spain during my Semester abroad.

My least favorite question to be asked has to be “where are you from?” because it is almost impossible for me to answer. My family’s nomad-esque lifestyle has brought me from Tampa, Florida to New York City to Connecticut to London, England to Westchester, New York and then finally to Anna Maria Island off the West Coast of Florida. All of these changes of scenery growing up have allowed me a unique opportunity to absorb and reflect upon the styles and fashion mindsets from all of the places I have lived. Futhermore, my personal style definitely reflects this aspect of my life and is as ever-changing as my zip code.

This past summer I was an intern at Stuart Weitzman in New York City where I worked in the Public Relations department and the summer before that I worked in a luxury brand boutique in London where I was able to participate in buying trips, write for the company’s blog and sell in the store. My experiences so far in the fashion industry have been nothing but positive and even in just two summers of work I have learned an incredible amount about the inner-workings of high fashion brands from the perspective of the labels themselves as well as the boutiques and department stores who carry them.

SO before I begin exploring style and fashion in Europe these next few months there are a few things you should know about me: I love breakfast foods, I hate the color purple, my favorite artists are Helen Frankenthaler, Dali and Gustav Klimt, I’m obsessed with dogs and I would buy almost anything that is made by Isabel Marrant or Vince.

Can’t wait to see what’s next!