Hello, cuties! I’m Megan and this is my second semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista. After a first (and stellar) semester of scouting the trendiest Fashionistas and Fashionistos around my college campus, I couldn’t resist coming back for more.

I’m a junior majoring in Communications Studies at Pace University in New York City. Interning as a Style Guru has helped me immensely in different aspects of my college experience. As someone who has always been a bit shy, CollegeFashionista gives me the perfect conversation starter. Asking to photograph and write an article about someone’s outfit is a foolproof way to make a new friend.

Depending on the weather, the majority of my free time is spent out and about in the city. Usually I can be found trying out a new coffee parlor with a few of my friends, shopping around SoHo or just taking a walk for a breath of fresh air (well, as fresh as air can be on Manhattan). If I’m not outside, I’m probably inside binge watching a show on Netflix or smiling goofily at pictures of my adorable cat.

Finding an outfit to wear is my favorite part of my daily routine. Fashion is one aspect of my life that I have complete control over. The temptation to throw on warm sweats is strong, especially this time of year when it’s so cold. In order to resist this temptation, I throw together an outfit that’s comfortable, warm and stylish. My high-waisted jeans from American Apparel are one of go-to pieces. Since I tend to be drawn to dark colored clothing, the light wash denim fits well with my charcoal gray crop top and leather jacket. H&M is my best friend when it comes to inexpensive yet durable shoes. My black platform boots are my favorite pair, mostly because they make me feel way cooler than I actually am. I finish off my look with a simple black belt to pull it all together.

I’m so excited to get this semester started and continue reporting on the coolest trends at Pace University. Stay tuned for more!