STYLE GURU BIO: Megan Renkel

Hello all Fashionistas/os! My name is Megan Renkel and I just finished my freshman year of college. Its crazy how fast my first year went by and I can’t imagine the next three will be any different.

When I first came to school last fall and even before that I was set with a major in the chemistry field. I was destined for pharmacy since I was in middle school. The only problem, I didn’t want to. For my first semester I did what I knew my parents wanted and I practically lived in the chemistry building. After only one semester I knew I had to change something and I didn’t know how my parents were going to react to it.

I grew up wanting to do fashion but I didn’t know what part of fashion exactly. I love design and I would still go into it if I had the choice but the University of Iowa is not a fashion school so my options were pretty limited. My first change was to marketing. I thought I could work for a fashion company in marketing and then I realized, I would be doing marketing, I wouldn’t even be close to fashion. Then I found it, journalism, the closest I could get to the fashion world while being stuck in a medicine ruled university.

This fall is my first real opportunity to actually embrace my journalism major. Safe to say, I can’t wait. My plan is to get a summer internship at one of my favorite fashion magazines in New York (words cannot explain how big of a dream this would be) before I graduate. And then ultimate goal is to move out there permanently after graduation. Big dreams? Yes. Unrealistic? Absolutely not.

My style is not one thing. I love so many different styles and I like to see how I can bring them together. No matter what the trends of the time are I always have some go-to pieces. Not to say I did it first but I’ve been in love with the brown lip for a while and its so much fun to wear. Another piece I’m always lugging around is my cedar street maise. It’s the perfect size for me and I feel like a princess when I walk down the street with it. Inside my purse you will find my classic Erika Ray-Bans. Its safe to say these sunglasses are the reason I can leave my place without makeup and still feel like a rock star.

I think my friends and family would agree when I say I’ve been a fashion lover my whole life. Even when my outfit choices weren’t the best I always had their support. This opportunity with CollegeFashionista is an extremely exciting one. I can’t wait to explore the different trends that walk around Iowa City. I’m thrilled to be able to combine my passion with what I’m doing so I hope you’re all ready for some RAD reads.