May 27th, 2015 at 2:00am

Happy summer to all my fellow Fashionistas! I am ecstatic to be writing for CollegeFashionista for the next couple of months, and look forward to sharing some of my favorite looks as well as learning some new style techniques from others. My name is Meg Rush and I am a sophomore at the University of Mississippi where I am double majoring in Accounting and French. I traded in my knee-deep in snow Boston for the cotton fields and charm of old southern Mississippi—I could not love it more. I spend my summers in Cape Cod where I work at a women’s boutique selling designers varying from Milly to Clover Canyon. I style and wardrobe women all day, every day.

My love for fashion and putting outfits together started when I was two years old in a department store. I was in a stroller and was passing by the children’s shoe department when I spotted these little yellow, patent leather, Italian shoes. I lunged out of the stroller trying to snatch them. Luckily, my mom gave in and purchased them. Ever since, they are my holy grail. The beginning of my shopping problem, the beginning of my appreciation for the finer things in life all began with those little yellow shoes.

I believe that fashion is art. I find enjoyment in purchasing extravagant, interesting pieces (whether it is shoes or a handbag) and creating an outfit around that one item. Fashion does not necessarily equal designer. Although I take my Louis Vuitton with me everywhere I go, I am no snob. I take pride in my frequent visits to H&M and thrift stores… some of my favorite pieces are from these types of places!

Preppy? Edgy? Boho? Sporty? I am not constrained to simply just one type of style, as I identify myself as a melting pot. I believe this makes my outfits even more interesting as I mix different types of clothing. Since I moved myself below the Mason-Dixon line, my style has certainly adapted to the weather in Mississippi, as well as the trends. Bold lipsticks have become a necessity for me and t-shirts have taken over my wardrobe.

I cannot wait to share with y’all all that I have learned since my first day at Ole Miss!