September 3rd, 2015 at 2:10am

Hello readers! Currently writing from the bed of my new house for my junior year of college while wrapped up in my favorite cable knit blanket. My name is McKinna Pace and I go to James Madison University. I’m majoring in Media Arts and Design as well as Communications. As we know from CollegeFashionista, media is a huge part of the fashion industry and I would like my future career to have something to do with fashion and the media combined.

I’m fully confident that this is the stage of life where you find out who you truly are because I can sense it happening for me. When I first came to college, I thought I knew exactly who I was and what I wanted to do, but of course, I was wrong. From changing majors in the middle of the year, to finding my home and eternal best friends in Tri Sigma, there was a lot I was learning about myself as a person while going through this crazy journey we call college. Throughout these past two years at school, I have learned an immense amount about fashion and how it relates to me. Fashion is such a colossal part of everyone’s lives, even to some who don’t realize it. The main inspiration behind my style is that it shows who I am, what I’m doing and/or how I’m feeling.

I‘m the perfect example that it’s possible for a person to try out different styles. I don’t like to limit myself to one type of style because it restricts my wardrobe. Some of my favorite articles of clothing are the simple pieces that can change an outfit dramatically. For example, my solid black, three quarter length, boat neckline, t-shirt from American Eagle Outfitters. I also have similar ones from H&M that I find vital to my wardrobe (just ask my mom, who witnessed my meltdown while packing up for school and couldn’t find it).

For my look pictured here, I wanted to show you all something I would chose to wear either to nice lunch, first day of classes, or just a day you decided to be a dressier while out running errands. The pants pictured here are from J.crew, a store most would label as more preppy, but when you pull them together with that kind of shirt, shoes, and accessories, it makes the outfit something completely different. My favorite part about this outfit is my shoes. They are the perfect open toe, open heal summer bootie, and I bought them from Target for such an affordable price.

With fall coming around the corner, I can’t wait to share with you my more wintery finds that I am already completely in love with. But you’ll just have to wait till my next post to hear about them! Excited to share more with you guys about what I adore about fashion. Fall is my absolute favorite season for style so stay tuned for my next post! Thanks for reading!