STYLE GURU BIO: McKenna Munden

“So, what if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just think about adding additional good things. One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow.” – Unknown

Now before I explain why I chose to begin my bio with this quote, let me explain a little more about myself.

Ever since high school, my life has been all about music. It has been what inspires me, gave me amazing new experiences and brought me out of my shell. It was one of the only things I knew, and so I was drawn to continue it in college. My entire first year, I took numerous classes to pursue a double major in music education and instrumental performance with a focus in trumpet. It was wonderful and exciting and I dedicated lots and lots of time to it. Yet, as the year went on I began to question what else I wanted and how I would achieve it. I began stressing over how to make my entire life perfect. In order to move past this, I realized I needed to take life one step at a time. One additional good thing at a time.

And this is where that quote comes into play. I began adding more of my passions, more friends into my life and so much more for months until my life basically began to sort itself out. I am now currently attending the University of Montana for my second year but under a completely new major! While music will still be a giant part of my life (and I will still basically be living in a practice room), I will be taking classes to pursue digital marketing. I hope to link this degree to my love for photography, fashion and my own blog!

As far as my fashion style goes, it has grown along with me. I used to be satisfied with the comfort of a simple pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt, but as the years continued on, I came out of my shell and began expressing a more unique side of myself in my actions and clothes.

Now, I like to be a bit more adventurous with my style and I love to try new things. In this outfit, I am wearing one of my favorite pairs of distressed jeans, a graphic tank top, and a unique jacket I have fallen in love with.