STYLE GURU BIO: Maya Lucyshyn

Hello everyone! I’m Maya, a junior International Relations and Art History double major attending SUNY Geneseo. Words cannot express how thrilled I am to be back as a Style Guru for another semester. So much has changed since spring; I changed my second major from Economics to Art History, began planning to study abroad and moved out of the dorms and into my first ever apartment. One thing that has remained consistent, however, is my sense of style and my love for fashion.

Many of my friends and my little sister tell me (in varying degrees of kindness) that I dress like a mother of two. I like to take that as a compliment, as I think my fashion sense is practical, comfortable and feminine. You will see me in neutrals almost every day and I consider maroon “flashy.” I typically save jewelry for special occasions and use small, sentimental bracelets and necklaces for daily wear. I also adore loose clothing as well as vintage styles—many of my favorite pieces are hand-me-downs or purchased from thrift stores.

The outfit I chose for this bio is deliberately simple. I am wearing an oversize gray sweater, cuffed skinny jeans and my favorite pair of white sneakers. For accessories, I’m wearing two bangles I wear every day (one is a gift from my godmother) and a necklace with a traditional Ukrainian symbol on it. I accessorized not only with a cross-body bag, but also with a colorful notebook. I carry one with me everywhere I go and consider it an essential accessory. Despite my tendency towards neutrals, I opted for red lipstick with this outfit as a pick-me-up on a rainy day.

Despite my own humble closet, my style icons are composed of very dynamic individuals. I love the wardrobes of modern artists such as Rihanna and Taylor Swift, as well as classic icons such as Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Jackie Onassis. These ladies have the ability to wear anything, from a plain turtleneck to a simple black dress, and make it astounding and radiant simply because of their personality and the way they carry themselves. I find that extremely inspirational.

In addition to people, I try to be inspired by all my surroundings. I love to read and write, spend time outside when Geneseo weather permits, travel and listen to music. This and everything else I learn all contribute to who I am and, therefore, what I wear. I am proud and excited to share that aspect of myself with you all for another semester and I hope you check in every month to see what I am posting. It’s great to be back!