STYLE GURU BIO: Mary Kate Flock

September 1st, 2016 at 2:00am

Hello all of my fellow Fashionistas/os; I hope that you had an amazing summer! I am so excited to be returning to CollegeFashionista for yet another semester and I cannot wait to share all of my favorite looks from New York City’s campuses with all of you. Here is a short update on what has been up with me since my previous STYLE GURU BIO was posted last semester.

I am currently beginning my sophomore year as a marketing major studying in the Gabelli School of Business at Fordham University. I am very thrilled to say that I have finally received my housing for the upcoming year which arrived late due to the fact that I am an inter-campus transfer from Fordham Lincoln Center in Manhattan to Fordham Rose Hill in the Bronx. I am stoked to be getting a fresh start as a college sophomore in a new (yet familiar) home. My summer consisted of lots of weekend trips to the beach, late night bonfires with my friends, shopping of course and my internship at Vera Wang in Manhattan.

As always, my outfit choices express my feelings on any given day of the week. I have been trying to find a use for dressing up my white bulk smock dress and my brand new black heels really did the trick. For this look, I threw on a series of black chokers to add an edgy undertone to my look. I have recently become absolutely obsessed with chokers and layered necklaces, they seem to be a trend that is sticking around for the fall season as well which makes me ecstatic. I have also found much use for my statement overalls as well as my off-the-shoulder lace up tops. This past summer has really allowed for me to jump outside of my comfort zone in addition to finding new uses for my everyday wardrobe statements and I hope that this upcoming semester continues that trend.

Living in Manhattan last year truly exposed me to some of the best styles in the worldall the people roaming the streets always looked crisp, trendy and chic. I cannot wait to see what styles will be circulating the Fordham campus this fall and I am more then eager to be sharing all of our best dressed Fashionistas/os with all of you! Get ready for another #RAD semester Fashionistas; it’s definitely going to be one to remember.