STYLE GURU BIO: Mary Hennessy

May 28th, 2015 at 2:00am

Hi! My name is Mary Hennessy and I’m a junior at Wayne State University, majoring in Film Studies with a minor in Fiction Filmmaking. I’m very excited to work as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista and get the chance to explore the style that Midtown, Detroit has to offer.

I’ve always been kind of a film nerd, and I think my love of film has helped me to develop my many style icons. From Margot Tenenbaum to Annie Hall to Cher in Clueless, I believe that fashion in film has inspired me in a lot of ways. Whether that be my own personal style, or the people I choose to photograph.

My love of fashion and makeup started at a young age, and has definitely developed since then. I can remember being a little girl and getting hand-me-down clothing from a family friend, who also happened to work in modeling. Receiving things from her was always one of the highlights of my childhood. I even started a collection of leopard print purses and vests (that was maybe a little ahead of it’s time, but hey, animal print is back and I’m obsessed with my Steve Madden leopard slip-ons).

I think style and fashion are two very different things. While fashion is more of a broad term, representing an array of the latest trends, style is 100 percent determined by you. Style allows you to take a fashion trend and tweak it however you want to express your own individuality. Although I love fashion, and admiring what’s new in the fashion world, I think it’s important to focus on style and what’s most comfortable for you.

If I had to sum up my style in a couple of adjectives, I don’t think I could; it’s always changing. I can say that I’ll always love stripes, chunky rings are a must-have, double strap sandals are my favorite and that black is definitely a color. But that might change tomorrow, because I’m constantly inspired by the fashion world. I can’t wait to see what Wayne State has to offer this semester!