STYLE GURU BIO: Marquila Herrera

Once again, I have the pleasure of writing for you all as a Style Guru. It was a true learning experience for me and I hope that this semester will be even better than the previous. In case you haven’t been following me on CollegeFashionista, I’m Marquila as the title above would suggest. I study Marketing with an interest in the business end of fashion. I can’t help but be compelled by the need to surround myself with attractive clothing. I took up the cloth in a different manner of speaking.

Anywho… my appreciation for the fashion industry is not entirely random. In every aspect of my life, I find I work the best and am happiest when I merge the analytical and creative parts of my mind. Incredible things can emerge when someone forms an innovative idea and is then able to see it through to the end step by step. I hope that I will be able to continue this pattern throughout my career, being involved in projects from conception to fulfillment.

Although, hats are not as commonly worn as they were 200 years ago, I’d like to keep the spirit alive. A hat can make your outfit seem more complete and more expensive, which I appreciate being on a shoestring college budget (cue sad violin). The floral skirt matches the ladylike nature of the straw hat while being kept casual with the footwear. The white sneakers are a far cry from a nurse shoes, while retaining the comfort and use value of those gracing hospital hallways. I like a comfortable, awesome outfit to put me in a good mood for whatever comes my way.

Even if we don’t have the same style, I hope that you’ll understand where I’m coming from when I write about the street styles of our peers. This is all about enjoying your everyday life with something that you already do: get dressed.