STYLE GURU BIO: Marlena Colaiacovo

June 2nd, 2016 at 2:00am

Ciao amanti della moda! Hello, fashion lovers! My name is Marlena Colaiacovo and I know it’s a mouthful. However, my name is not only perfect for me, but definitely for the shoe line I plan on having someday. It’s a pretty big dream I know, but hey dream big right? I attend Ohio State University and I am a Marketing and International Business major as well as a Fashion and Retail Studies minor. I will be a sophomore this coming fall. I go by Laney and my friends call me Lanes. I have an obsession with shoes, I love clothes and my dog’s name is Romeo. Some describe me as loud, others as vibrant. I love to be social and deep conversations are my forte.

I am a shopping and fashion fanatic. It is my favorite outlet whether I’m in need of a little self expression or life has just kicked in my butt; it is always my go-to. As I go through racks and shelves overflowing with hidden treasures, I take in the aroma of new things and listen to the hustle and bustle around me. Each new item mesmerizes me, pulling me in with its lustrous color, unique design and its perfect stitching. If shopping were an olympic sport, I could probably take home the gold, and who doesn’t love gold?

I absolutely love all things fashion and my style is a direct reflection of who I am as a person. It’s a bit scattered, a little funky, feminine and flirty. I am a loud and energetic individual and I’m constantly busy. Late nights are always prime for my creative juju. I love expressing my creativity through drawing, design and style. I’m not very fond of mornings though and I do love my snooze button. Quick and easy style tricks are my best friend because  who has time to get ready for an hour and a half in a fast paced world? I have 30 minutes to make some magic happen on most days as I’m sure many of you Fashionistas/os do too. Basic trends are always a great grab and go for me, but adding a little twist to each staple item can make any outfit far from basic and uniquely me.

I’m wearing my favorite jeans (created by me) in the images above. It’s one example of the ways I can change a simple basic into something fabulous. Not to mention how a simple knot can turn a boring cami into a flirty eye-catcher. I finish off my look with my trendy Rebecca Minkoff bag and sassy leather booties.

I can’t wait to share more of my style, as well as be inspired by all of you amazing fashion lovers out there this summer!