STYLE GURU BIO: Marissa DePino

Fashion has always been a form of art to me. It is that one way you can express yourself without even saying a word. Similar to a first impression, one can tell a lot about a person based on the clothes she wears. Whether that be where she is from, her hopes and dreams or even the story that she holds close to her heart. As both a journalist and graphic designer, I enjoy a good story. And I have told mine several times on CollegeFashionista. There are countless ways one story can be told through fashion though, so today I bring you another side to my story, a side that hasn’t been revealed before on CollegeFashionista.

Your first impression of my outfit is that I’m wearing a black crop top in the dead heat of summer and decided to paired it with white flowing pants. I wore my Ray-Ban aviators and accessorized my look with a simple necklace and bracelet. The background is a bright red barn in rural country. So, you are already making your own assumptions simply on the outfit and background. However, there is so much more that these photos are expressing.

For instance, the necklace in the photograph is more than just a necklace. It is a Greek chain that I bought when I traveled to Greece. It represents the memories of a wonderful family vacation in the Mediterranean. It is a piece that is rarely taken off and shows that I’m a world traveler and is into worldly fashion.

While not all pieces hold the sentiments of the Greek necklace, they still have their own story. From simply the modern vibe that the crop top gives off to the vintage and summery feel of the pants, it is clear that each piece is a single first impression which can be combined to express something much deeper in itself. As you can tell I am telling my story, however it is a story that can only be told by looking deeper into the photographs. For the fashion is telling the tale in this story.