STYLE GURU BIO: Mariah Hicks

Hi all! My name is Mariah Hicks, and I’m an apparel merchandising major and journalism student at the beautiful Indiana University. I love everything fashion from runways to sale racks. I get my inspiration from celebs, bloggers and the latest trends coming down the runway.

My closet is filled with funky patterns, neutral colors and always different style boots. I love a loose fit top, accessories that can “make” an outfit and deep colors that really stand out. My style has a unique urban twist where I stick with staples, but bring out unique pieces every now and then.

For this outfit, I’m going to admit to something we’re all guilty of – raiding your mom’s closet! This piece was found in the back corner of her closet– you know where it’s so unorganized you quit trying to find anything back there? However, this find really glams up the outfit, not to mention it keeps me warm and toasty.

The length of this poncho along with the green, blue and red colors makes this piece dramatic. It channels my style perfectly by being bold and slouchy. I pair this outfit with a simple white T-shirt, ripped jeans  and UGG boots.

My wardrobe is a collection ranging from hand-me-downs to souvenirs. My closet represents me, what I like and the history of where I’ve been. I’m always open to try new things and see where fashion takes me. Fashion is always changing, allowing me room to grow, transform and try new things. Fashion is my way to stand out.