STYLE GURU BIO: Mandisa Shields

I’m Mandisa, a rising junior studying Public Relations at Syracuse University. I’m thrilled to kick off my first semester as a Style Guru in my hometown New York City. I know that the season and location will make for some amazing fashion sights. I can’t wait to share them with you!

When it comes to fashion, life is my inspiration. My sense of style is influenced by factors such as my mood, the music or movies I’m into and the people that I surround myself with. My sense of style is constantly ebbing and flowing with the changes of my life. These changes in life and style have left me with an eclectic wardrobe instead of just one signature look.

Lately I’ve been gravitating towards a minimal and neutral look. I’ve opted to catch the eye with subtle details instead of bright colors or obvious statement pieces. I’ve always felt like there’s something pretty cool about a look that is effortless yet purposeful. I guess for now that’s how I’d describe my style, but if you ask me in a few months it may be completely different!

I don’t have a specific story detailing how or why I got into fashion. All I know is that fashion is one of my favorite ways to express myself in any given situation. As a feminist, I also love the fact that fashion is a rule breaking playground. Regardless of your gender, there’s nothing more empowering than putting on your favorite outfit because you like it, not because you feel pressured to seek approval or validation from others.

I can’t wait to explore New York City’s campus fashion scene as I subsequently delve further into my own style. Fashion is an awesome way to interact with the world around you, tell people how you feel and express who you are. I’m so excited to share this experience with everyone here at CollegeFashionista!