STYLE GURU BIO: Mandi Jackson

My name is Mandi Jackson. I am currently studying business marketing while balancing a #RAD career in the magazine industry. This will be my very first semester as a CollegeFashionista intern and I am utterly thrilled to learn and grow from this experience.

As you go through my bio, I should first mention my love for adventure, and yes, going to McDonald’s at 2:00 a.m. for a frosty is totally an adventure in my book and a surefire way to gain my love and trust. Apart from that, I also enjoy antique shopping, roaming the halls of museums, finding new places to eat around the city, doing touristy stuff and attending all the music festivals my pocket book can afford.

I suppose I can thank my parents for allowing me to travel so much when I was younger. Road trips to both New York City and California helped mold me into who I am today. Mississippi doesn’t have much to offer in the world of fashion and marketing, so since I got my first taste of the “Big Apple,” my love for New York City blossomed into something more than a simple crush. I was hooked. The culture, the people and the food! From then on, it was my destiny to create and evolve, while one day finding myself with a nice career in Manhattan or Chelsea. You know, after I’m done studying in my home state.

Featured here is my very favorite “biker babe” outfit. I’m wearing a Free People tank, high-rise skinny jeans and simple black flats to give this look a soft, feminine touch. Most of my jewelry is either handmade or found while exploring antique malls all over the East Coast. Feel free to catch up on more of my personal style and adventures on