STYLE GURU BIO: Mallory Roman

Ciao! I say Ciao because I will be spending the semester studying abroad in lovely Florence, Italy! The sunshine never ends here nor does the replenishment of tasty, but fattening, gelato. I’ve spent just a week here and already I’ve had so many fantastic experiences. Eating my fair share of pasta, buying authentic Florentine hats, exploring the Tuscan countryside and taking a dip in the beautiful Mediterranean are just a few of the new memories I’ve made while on the trip thus far. I hope to have many more to come!

Word to the wise, don’t wear your sandals all day long in Florence even if they are Birkenstocks. You will have all sorts of blisters on your toes and heels from walking along the gorgeous cobblestone streets. Converse, like mine, are much better for walking in and just as stylish. I was surprised to see how many Europeans sport the timeless Converse that are so near and dear to my heart. I enjoy pairing them with a pleated coral dress and layered necklaces. Also, I really should have purchased a FitBit before coming on this adventure. I wouldn’t be surprised if we walk more than ten miles daily!

I’m so grateful to CollegeFashionista for having me back again after a great summer semester. I learned so much from the short internship and hope to learn much more throughout the semester as I will be studying and traveling. I plan to take street style photos from various locations across Europe during my travels. Learning: “Can I take your picture?” in several different languages may come in handy in the long run. Otherwise I can always try strange hand gestures, which could turn out to be a quite comical event.

I recently found out that for an assignment we will have to take street style photos of people out and about while in Paris. That means I get to use my past experience at CollegeFashionista for class. How cool is that?