STYLE GURU BIO: Makayla Ridgeway

Hey all you Fashionistas and Fashionistos!  I am so excited to be Style Guru for the fall of 2016!  First off, my name is Makayla Ridgeway, if you haven’t already figured that out by now.  I am currently a sophomore at Purdue University, where I am majoring in retail management with fashion merchandise management.  My goal is to become a buyer for a company (one that is fashion related hopefully) or do something with visual merchandising.  My passion is fashion (HA that rhymes).  I love anything and everything having to do with fashion which is why I’m choosing to make it my major and ultimately my career!

All through school I have always been the girl that has closets and closets full of clothes.  I’m also known for not wearing an outfit more than once.  Which I actually do wear things more than once but I find different ways to style it so it actually can look like a completely different outfit! But I have always been just fine with these two things because I really do love fashion and the way it allows you to express yourself.  I think it is such a neat thing to be able to see so many different styles and how different people can take the same item of clothing and make it their own and so unique to them. I love being able to take the newest trends and make them my own!

When I am not spending my time doing homework, studying or doing something fashion related, you will most likely find me looking at Pinterest, watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, reading a Nicholas Sparks books or watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix and my favorite place to do these things is outside!  I love the fresh air, especially when it is a perfect day out.  Oh, and I can’t forget that while doing these things I most likely have coffee in my hand.  It can be Starbucks, Dunkin’ Donuts, from a Keurig or from a good ole coffee pot.  I’ll take any and all coffee (I may have a slight addiction)!  I also can’t forget to mention that I love spending time with my family and friends.

I shop at all kinds of different fashion retailers but Express and H&M probably take up the most space in my closet.  I also love finding different privately owned boutiques, because of their uniqueness.  For this post I’m wearing a midi dress from H&M.  This dress is SO COMFY.  I also love its versatility.  You can make this dress super casual or dress it up.  I paired it with a leather jacket because Indiana likes to surprise you and get chilly out when you don’t expect it. To finish the outfit off I am wearing white loafers, also from H&M.  These are a cute but comfy shoe that is perfect for walking around campus!  You can also add some edgy shades and a purse to make this outfit even more complete!