STYLE GURU BIO: Makaela Mitchell

Hey everyone! I am so excited to be reporting Salisbury University’s campus trends this spring. The eclectic mix of students drawn to S.U. from D.C, Baltimore, Annapolis, New Jersey metropolitan areas, combined with the local’s easy going spirit truly creates a mecca for fashion inspiration.

I grew up in a small, beach town about 20 miles east of campus, called Ocean City. I have gained so much inspiration from the unique vibe our area gives off, from the surf shops to thrift stores, and the thriving local art scene my style has derived from so many different aspects. Aside from all the inspiring women in my life with awesome closets, I go to social media for my fashion inspiration. With a major lack of decent shopping options in this area, I have developed a passion for following bloggers, and using all the outlets to track trends and stay up to date, with Instagram and Pinterest.

As a full time commuter student, I would ultimately have to say my style revolves around versatility. A major rule for me is layers, layers, layers. If you have ever been to the Eastern Shore, you know how unpredictable the weather can be. Since I am always on the go, layers allow me to transform my looks from activity to activity, as well as keep comfortable in all the different environments. By simply adding on my own signature jewelry pieces, I make any outfit feel more like me!

Each season I try to find one piece to really drive my style, and I create outfits around that theme. Creating capsule wardrobes helps me keep my closet organized as well as my shopping habits in line. I can go all summer wearing flowing dresses, and then find an awesome leather jacket creating a wannabe grunge princess for the rest of the fall—you just never know.

Hope to catch ya on the streets, fellow Fashionistas!