STYLE GURU BIO: Maisha Kabir

Buildings are looming overhead. ‘Worth It’ is being played aloud on violins. Everywhere you look is brightly adorned with billboards. Tourists zigzag on the roads carelessly, filled with animation. We’re at one of the world’s busiest pedestrian intersections, the hub of the Broadway Theatre District: Times Square. And there she stands, with her above-the-knee loose fit dress filled with stripes of yellow, orange, blue and green, an off-white beret on her pin straight hair, maroon nylons and two inch yellow heels.

“I made it!” she declares, her face beaming and heart beating out of her chest as she gazes into what lays ahead.

Okay, that may have been Rachel Berry at Glee’s season two finale after arriving to New York, but my entrance was the same. Okay not exactly, but you know, a little less dramatic. All right, a lot less. But the emotions—the rapture, the “glee” (pun intended) was just the same, I promise. Coming from Bangladesh, a country much smaller in comparison, but not any less beautiful, this was different. I moved to the city last August to start college at New York University. I’m double majoring in journalism and literature and taking a few classes on human rights because that’s always been a growing interest of mine. I decided on this city to spend the next four years of my life and perhaps even more because I feel the opportunities here are unbounded. It’s only my freshman year and I’ve already got so much going on #nojinx, including this super fun internship where I get to interact with many like-minded individuals.

As you go through my bio I should first mention the most important thing in my life: Nutella. Whether I know you or you’re a complete stranger, you give me anything Nutella; I’ll take it. And no, I don’t recommend accepting things from a stranger. It’s only a personal problem. Also, I may or may not have had Nutella for all three meals. Apart from that, I also enjoy trying different cuisines and new places to eat around the city, maybe go to a museum or any popups during the weekend, (which FYI is mostly free for NYU students, yay!) do some tourist-y stuff every now and then and anything new or fun basically.

An interest for fashion has been ingrained in me for as long as I can remember. When it comes to my style, I like to wear classic, uncluttered items with one statement piece; whether it be a headgear or a striking piece of jewellery or accessory, and always, just always, a great pair of shoes to go with the whole outfit. The whole idea of being able to style oneself however one wants to and feel good about it—feeling more confident and beautiful—I think is incredible. I think that is the best part about fashion.

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