STYLE GURU BIO: Maggie Guenther

Calling all Fashionista/os, a new Style Guru has arrived! This is my first semester writing for CollegeFashionista, but that doesn’t mean I’m new to fashion. Ever since I could walk I’ve wanted to dress myself, which sometimes meant two different socks and dresses over my pajamas. The second I got the chance to shop for myself, the world shook. I always find a way to make something different and my own. Currently the world I’m shaking upside-down is Indiana University. Whether it’s showing up to an 8:00 a.m. with full makeup or going to the library in leather, Indiana wasn’t ready for me last year and is still repairing now (we’ve had construction for two years straight). As an Apparel Merchandising major with minors in Business and Fashion Design, I just can’t go a day leaving my style at home.

Every day I go through my wonderland of a closet to find something to wear, and I say to myself, “maybe I’ll wear a bright color or a bold print today.” But somehow I always end up picking out my classics: dark colors, leather and my most beloved jewelry. I always, always, always wear a good lipstick. I was born with pale lips just waiting to be painted on! The best way to have a signature look is to wear it constantly, right? Maybe it’s the cold winter weather, or the fact that I love to wear wool and leather, but whatever it is my classic outfits give me confidence.

Someone else’s classics don’t have to be yours, and that’s what I love about personal style—it’s personal! Don’t forget to keep checking back to see what the fashion I’ve found all over the big Bloom. I’ll be bringing new ideas and refurbishing the old to your laptops and phones every Thursday! I can’t wait to see how this wonderful experience allows me to grow.

Want to try my favorite classic look? 1. Chunky Dark Sweater 2. Leather Skirt 3. Knee-High Boots 4. Classic Lipstick