STYLE GURU BIO: Maggie Cowens

Hello fashion dolls. It’s Maggie here, returning for my second semester of awesome fashion blogging for CollegeFashionista. I’m so excited to be back in action for another semester. However, it’s with great sadness that I announce this will be my final semester as a Style Guru intern because come December, I will officially be a college grad. Sounds so weird to think that in four short months I’ll no longer be a college student. I’m excited to graduate and get out there into the “real world”, but I’m very sad to see my internship with CollegeFashionista come to an end, so let’s make this the best blogging semester yet!

When I’m not browsing for fashion inspiration on the internet, you can either find me in school or at work. I’m a full-time student at the University of Cincinnati Clermont College where I will graduate this December with a Bachelor’s of Technical and Applied Studies. I work part-time at the University as an office assistant in the college relations and marketing department. I also work part-time at Tom+Chee Worldwide LLC on the marketing team, working mainly on the company’s social media and creative content development.

I’m so excited for the season of fall to grace us with its presence. I absolutely adore everything about fall; from the leaves changing colors, to the crisp and cool air, to the Halloween activities and let’s not forget about the beloved pumpkin spice flavored everything! (#notbasic).

My personal fashion style is usually a classic look with a minimalistic approach. I absolutely love accessorizing, and oftentimes I have a hard time picking out the perfect pieces of jewelry to go with my outfits because I just want to wear it all! (#accessoryqueen). Some of my favorite things about fashion is the versatility and creativity it allows you to have. It’s so much fun inventing your own style and playing by your own rules.

Living in Cincinnati is tricky when it comes to dressing for the weather. There’s really no need for a rotating closet, because on any given day you might experience all four seasons, so you might as well keep your sweaters handy during the summer and your shorts readily available during winter. No joke…the Cincinnati struggle is real.

But because fall is almost upon us, I’m most excited to get my layers on and try out some of the newest trends of the season. Time to break out the riding and ankle boots, scarves, stackable accessories, jackets and oversized sweaters because cooler weather is almost here and I can’t wait to see what my Fashionista/os on campus are wearing this season. Stay tuned to my blog this semester because I have a feeling you’re going to fall hard for some of these trends. (Pun intended)